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Game video

Immerse yourself in mobile VR FPS, Colonicle.
Fierce mobile VR battles between the various players!
Now, you are the hero.

Background story

The planet is becoming desolated and the humanity starts to turn the eyes on space colonization. For the space colonization, the humanity starts various researches and various groups work on the projects to lower the risk of failures. Overcoming the difficulties in traveling to the distant space and discovering the inhabitable planet, one group successfully pioneers the new planet. However, there’s no limit to human greed and the between Thanatos and Pagan start to fight over each other’s planet control.

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Background story

3,200 years. Depleted resources. Changed climate. Deserted land. Necrosis due to radioactivity spread by excessive research. Viruses that cannot find a cure. Humanity is no longer able to survive on Earth. Many have died, and there have been about 100 million survivors of all humanity. The remaining survivors began to gather to one place on Earth. The best place to survive on Earth. From that point, a nation was created. The city was a collection of all the skills of humanity and the core of all resources. Humanity has called it ‘Thanatos’. ‘Thanatos’ means death’s instinct to destroy itself and return it to lifeless minerals, which honors all humans who have been sacrificed until the state of ‘Thanatos’ was established. In addition, to preserve humanity in the future, it also implied the will to do anything, including betting on one’s life, and was a symbol of their willingness not to fear death. Their goal is only one. It was to prevent the destruction of mankind.

‘Thanatos’ who began to think that all populations would not be able to live stably on Earth, began to turn their attention to pioneering space. A number of projects have been undertaken for decades in space exploration, but most of the planets they wanted to pioneer were inhabitable areas, and many were sacrificed. However, based on so many failures and sacrifices, mankind has secured sophisticated space pioneering technology.

Based on the data obtained, ‘Thanatos’ found a planet on which they could live. ‘Thanatos’ named the planet ‘Colony’. Gathering all the resources and skills of ‘Thanatos’ and starting a pioneering project to ‘Colony’.

The first expedition was successful. The ‘Thanatos’ people who arrived on the ‘Colony’ planet for research survived there for over a week. Rather, they were happy in a much better environment than Earth. Abundant resources, pleasant air, unspoiled nature. It was a planet optimized for humanity.

‘Thanatos’ started a colonization project to ‘Colony’. In the first migration, 50% of the ‘Thanatos’ population was to be moved. Not only was there a high risk for all humans to migrate at once, but there were not enough resources allowed. This included 50% of all technologies and resources of humanity, including engineers, scientists, doctors and technicians.

The migration was successful. The 50% of humans who arrived have settled perfectly in the ‘Colony’. It took less than a year to settle stably. A city of its own was formed in a densely populated area, and based on this, technology research in colonization was also conducted. There was no problem in communication with ‘Thanatos’.

Humans settled in the ‘Colony’ began digging the ground to use the planet’s energy resources. Then, an unexpected accident occurred. When humans hit a red-emitted ore that had never been seen before, radiation-like energy emanated from it, and all creatures within a few hundred meters of radius died or withered. People feared the ore and fled it. However, it was discovered that the ore contained infinite energy similar to nuclear power, and numerous studies with the ore were conducted. Their work eventually succeeded, and by learning how to safely use the ore’s power, numerous devices and machines were created using it. It has even been used as the basis for all energy creation across the city. They called this ore ‘Arc-tonium’.

They were unaware of the other powers of ‘Arc-tonium’. People exposed near ‘Arc-tonium’ became greedy and violent without their knowledge. ‘Arc-tonium’ had the power to stimulate human hormones and changing DNA. It broke people’s temperance and made lives disrespectful. Since ‘Arc-tonium’ was used as the energy resource for the city founded in ‘Colony’, everyone in ‘Colony’ has changed that way.

‘Thanatos’ asked colonists to cooperate for human prosperity and symbiosis, but colonies immigrants stained with greed and violence soon ceased to cooperate. Immigrants to the colony have come to want to use ‘Thanatos’ as their own power. About seven years after the settlement on the ‘Colony’ planet, ‘Thanatos’ prepared for the second immigration to ‘Colony’ and launched a spacecraft. This included 30% of the 50% of humanity left in ‘Thanatos’. However, the colony immigrants didn’t like the ‘Thanatos’ people. They regarded them as intruders who tried to enter without any cost. The people of ‘Colony’ tell to ‘Thanatos’ go back to Earth, but ‘Thanatos’ advanced the spaceship in their own plan. In response, an angry the colonists exploded the ‘Thanatos’ spacecraft. This event evaporated 30% of humanity.

‘Thanatos’ was very angry at this, and began to call the ‘Colony’ immigrants ‘Pagan’. ‘Thanatos’ classified ‘Pagan’ as a crazy group, and thought that destroying those who have nonsense thoughts and actions is the best way to survive humanity. In ‘Pagan’, they judged ‘Thanatos’ who wants to destroy ‘Pagan’ as an enemy to should dominate.

‘Thanatos’ seeks the destruction of ‘Pagan’ and ‘Pagan’ attempts to absorb ‘Thanatos’. And each clan called ‘Colony Chronicle’, simply ‘Colonicle’ for the beginning of the Great War.

You are a soldier by ‘Thanatos’ or ‘Pagan’. You can fight together with ‘Thanatos’ or ‘Pagan’ camp. Which side will you join in to fight this war?


Gameplay Description

All actions except for aiming requires controller. If you don’t have a controller, you cannot play Colonicle. Please check supported controllers in Supported Device item
Colonicle has a tutorial to help the players. We recommend…

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Map description

  • Space Depot – Death MatchKill enemies and lead your team to the victory. Two camps fight in a closed space for 5 minutes and team killing more enemies win.

  • Castle – Death MatchKill enemies and lead your team to the victory. Two camps fight in a closed space for 5 minutes and team killing more enemies win.

  • Iron Tail – Occupation MatchInterfere the enemy and occupy the 100% of the territory to win.
    Occupy the territory in the center of the map within 5 minutes and team occupying the 100 % of the territory wins.