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Our notice

Migration of database

2019-07-11 13:24
Hello Colonicle mercenaries.

We have now encountered a situation where we need to escalate the Colonicle database again and have completed the patch.

Colonicle has identified users with Google or Oculus accounts.

However, due to this patch, we have managed to create and manage a Colonicle own account.

As a result, existing users will have to create a new Colonicle account when they connect.

In addition, existing user data will be automatically transferred to the newly created account.

Therefore, after creating a new account after patching the client, please do not shut down the client suddenly when database migration is in progress.

If the database escalation is in progress and the client is abnormally terminated, the escalation process will proceed from the beginning.

Thank you for your reference.

Thank you.