Hello Colonicle Worriors.
GoBros, a very popular YouTube influencer, has a Colonicle access event.
-See the link below on the GoBros YouTube video

There will be two events on November 1st at 11am ET and November 1st at 10pm.
This is your chance to have fun with North American servers. Philip of GoBros hosted the event
We’ll be waiting for you to open the US Server Custom Matching room.
Just enter the custom matching room and enjoy it.

For participants, Philip of GoBros will provide you with a Bit(Colonicle in game money) voucher via Discord.
-MVR(Mobile Virtual Reality) Discord Invitation Channel: https://discord.gg/QWvk9Uw

-Philip’s username is mrphilipjoel for the event (and @mrphilipjoel in discord)

Thank you.

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